Neighbourhood Plans have the possibility to include a wide range of attributes which those living within the plan area consider to be important for their community. The approach taken by Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council has been to ensure that the widest possible base of residents are able to contribute to the plan and to this end it was felt that the first element of any plan would be to record the existing status and nature of the community, its economy and its environment.

In doing this the planning process would pay attention to the both the current situation within the parish and have regard to the history of the planning area. Both the features of the built and natural environment of the parish and other aspects of life within the area would be considered if consultation showed that they are valued by residents.

The key part of the planning process would look to the future and identify how the community would wish to move forward with future development in the plan area and how it would sustainable develop the facilities, services and environment over the next 15 years.

This process would lead to the development of a document, the Neighbourhood Plan, which would form the basis of planning decisions in the years that lie ahead. As part of this procedure an action plan will also begin to be developed which supports the implementation of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Finally, although it is recognised that the Neighbourhood Plan will be written in a form which complies with the requirements of the Planning Acts it should be set out and worded in a form which is readily understandable by those who live and work in the plan area in order to both aid understanding and encourage the widest possible participation in its establishment.