Meeting of the Steering Group

26 October 2015 (7PM): A meeting of the members of the Steering Group (Sara Burrell – Chairman, Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council; Phil Colmer Cllr; Vivien Forwood Cllr; Malcolm Frost; Christine Gibson-Pierce; Denise Knightley – District Councillor Plaistow Ward; and Beverley Weddell – Parish Clerk).

Steering Group members absent from this meeting were emailed a copy of the minutes for their review and comment.

The members present:

  • reviewed outcome of talks with Loxwood Parish Council held 6 Oct 2015;
  • were advised on landowners being contacted by CDC for site allocations;
  • reviewed the draft budget;
  • were given the status on the search for a consultancy for support;
  • were updated on the Parish-wide survey the group intend to issue to gather more evidence needed in our evidence base, specifically regarding housing need and a review of the identified sites.
  • reviewed a draft survey of questions developed for a Neighbourhood Plan Household Survey and Housing Needs Assessment;
  • reviewed the logistics of conducting the survey and public Consultations;
  • discussed the process to apply for grants to provide funds for Neighbourhood Plan activities.

Reference: meeting minutes – 26 October 2015