Locality: Technical Support from AECOM

10 May 2016: Parish Council Chairman, Sara Burrell and Steering Group member, Christine Gibson-Pierce, had a 45 minute telephone conference call with a Principle Planner from AECOM.

AECOM work in partnership with Locality providing specific technical packages of support for developing neighbourhood plans. The Parish is seeking assistance in the area of Site Assessments and Sustainability and has submitted an application.

If successful in our application, the Parish will receive the technical support for free. This will provide the Steering Group with the correct technical guidance going forward in our Neighbourhood Plan activities.

The Technical Support is designed to provide us with information (evidence) and advice (professional judgement) which will help this Parish to decide our priorities & direction, to draft policy, avoid legal challenges and to engage confidently with stakeholders such as developers, councils, local businesses and of course residents who will have a vote at the end of it all.

AECOM consultants will work alongside the Steering Group, doing only what we cannot manage and with a clearly defined brief, such as producing a design guide, a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), evidence review or site assessment. The more substantial pieces of work will last between a few weeks to several months depending on the complexity of the situation.