Parish Council Endorses Steering Group Development Sites Proposal

At a meeting of the full Parish Council 26th May 2016, a proposal from the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group was heard by Councillors. The Steering Group recommendation was that two potential housing development sites be brought forward into the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. After a taking questions from members and parishioners present, a resolution was proposed and seconded with a majority (6) of councillors voting in favour of adopting the recommendation. There were two abstentions (one a member of the Steering Group) and two councillors were absent (both also members of the Steering Group).

The Recommendation: The following two sites are to be brought forward for 6 units each into the DRAFT Plaistow & Ifold Parish Neighbourhood Plan, which will then be taken forward to further public consultation:

  • Site: Land Adjacent to Todhurst, The Street Plaistow – with a specification of 6 units (small 1-3 bedroom housing). It is proposed to allocate the entire site with a portion reserved for public open space to be kept naturalized.; and
  • Site: Little Springfield Farm, Plaistow Road, Ifold (Brownfield) – with a specification of 6 units (small 2-3 bedroom housing). This includes the area of the former entire B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage) use class but with the addition of a small, grassed area adjacent to the stream to allow better development layout.


The Draft Plan will be brought before Parishioners for their consideration and comment at future Public Consultations.

The Steering Group will now progress to undertaking further detailed consideration for each of the proposed development sites being brought forward into the Draft Neighbourhood Plan as follows:

  • Full environmental assessment and investigation, with mitigation and controls, as necessary.;
  • Any scheme, for each of the sites, will be specified to be of high quality bespoke design to reflect village/ rural vernacular and rural landscape.;
  • Removal of permitted development rights to ensure dwellings continue to meet housing need and further development does not impact on surroundings.;
  • A condition of development for Site 2: Land adjacent to Todhurst, will be a review and improvement of car parking and access through the Nell Ball housing estate.;
  • A condition of development will be to ensure preference is given to those who have a local connection to the Parish.