Proposed housing development sites

Following the meeting of the full Parish Council last week (26 May 2016) where the two potential housing development sites were agreed, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group want to reassure that the point of view of all residents in this Parish is valid and will be taken into consideration, along with the evidence gathered; and reference to National and Local planning policy, in order to arrive at the most suitable housing sites, which must be selected for your Neighbourhood Plan.

The Steering Group want everyone to be fully aware of the work that has been involved and the detailed consideration, discussion and debate on each of the housing sites. No site is perfect and development of any site may adversely affect someone, it is a matter of weighing up the pros and cons, and setting this against the criteria with which we must all consider to arrive at the best solution for the housing need in this Parish and to meet our housing allocation of 10 units set by Chichester District Council’s Local Plan.

We recommend you carefully read all the documents and the proposal to the Parish Council. Keep up-to-date via the Plaistow & Ifold Parish – Neighbourhood Plan website: If anyone has concerns or points they would like to raise please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Beverley Weddell, E:

It is recognized there are difficulties of access/car parking through Nell Ball, Plaistow which have been considered and resolving this issue is a condition of recommending the site: Land Adjacent to Todhurst.

Car parking and access through the Nell Ball estate has been an ongoing issue for many years, and this was highlighted at the Parish Council meeting (26 May 2016). This needs to be resolved and a housing development scheme provides a means to fund improvements. New housing provides Community Infrastructure Levy and New Homes Bonus money. The community can use this funding for such a project and the Neighbourhood Plan ensures that this happens. In addition, there may be environmental issues and the use of the Todhurst site as ad-hoc green space has been considered by the Steering Group, so as a further benefit of development of part of this site it is hoped to give this use a proper status for community benefit.

Having obtained a resolution to move forward with the two sites from the Parish Council (26 May 2016), the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group can now conduct detailed feasibility studies and obtain detail on the development for how the housing schemes could work and what needs to be done to achieve the best outcome for the Parish as a whole. The details will then be presented at future public consultations with the community for your  consideration and comment. Your comments will be taken into account before any Plan can be finalised and voted on by the Community. It is a collaborative community effort and we hope that residents will continue to be part of this process in a constructive and productive way.