Closing Date on ‘Call for Potential Housing Development Sites’

The Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council have set a Closing Date for the Call For Potential Housing Development Sites for the Neighbourhood Plan as Friday, 8th July 2016.

Contact the Parish Clerk if you are a landowner of a site(s) in a sustainable location (near local services and transport routes) in the Plan Area, which has not already been identified and assessed by the Steering Group, and would like to bring it forward for potential housing development to meet the Parish Housing Allocation (10 Units) and the identified Parish housing need.

Only submit sites that are likely to become available for development or redevelopment within the next 5-10 years and that are large enough to take 6 or 10 units. In submitting a site, please:

  • Send a separate email for each site being presented;
  • Note the subject: Neighbourhood Plan – Call for Sites;
  • Include your name and your contact details;
  • Identify the address of the site (including geo coordinates, if known);
  • Note the landowner of the site (if different);
  • Attach an Ordnance Survey map at a scale 1:1250 (or 1:2500 map for larger sites), clearly showing the boundaries of the site;
  • Attach an aerial photograph of the site (if available).

Email the Parish Clerk: