Nell Ball housing area

Nell Ball Parking02 750Thank you to the 20 Nell Ball housing area households (including Ashfield, Back Lane and Cedar Terrace) who have responded to the questionnaire on parking. The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will now analyse those responses.

If any other residents in the Nell Ball housing area, who have not yet done so, would like to respond, please send your completed questionnaire asap to the Parish Clerk.

All information you provide will be held securely and in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

4 responses to “Nell Ball housing area

  1. You will not solve nell balls parking by building extra homes on a already crowded area with poor infrastructure.

    are you really proposing the removal of a wood with wild life such as great crested newts, adders, and slow worms, scandalous, are this not protected.

    Are you going to allow estabilished oak trees that are older than any of use to be hacked down.

    Billy at Nell Ball

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  2. The proposal will be to move the wildlife to a new area! How can you create new nature reserves quickly, it takes many decades to establish such gems.


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