Site(s) proposed for development has changed


The Plaistow & Ifold Parish – Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group are holding a Public Consultation to inform residents of all the housing development sites proposed to meet the Chichester District Council – Local Plan allocation of 10 units.

This includes several NEW SITES presented by landowners from a Call for Sites and since the last Public Consultation.

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To aid site evaluation the Steering Group applied for technical support via a Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) partner organisation Locality and were awarded the services of specialist planning consultancy AECOM for a Site Options and Assessment package. AECOM have completed their expert appraisal of all sites proposed for housing development; and after consultation with Chichester District Council and further discussion with the Steering Group, they have provided their professional judgement to the Parish.

Because of this, the recommendation for the site(s) to be proposed for residential housing development in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan has changed.

The Public Consultation is scheduled across two evenings from 7.30pm:

  • Tuesday, 6th September in Kelsey Hall, Ifold; OR
  • Thursday, 8th September in Winterton Hall, Plaistow

Residents are invited to attend a 30 minute presentation (there are two scheduled per evening):

  • the First presentation beginning at 7.30pm; OR attend the
  • the Second presentation beginning at 8.30pm

Members of the Steering Group will be present to answer questions.

2 responses to “Site(s) proposed for development has changed

  1. Key Reasons Strongly Against Site 7

    Golden Cross Cottages 1 & 11 are Grade 11 Listed Buildings, being an ancient yeoman’s Tudor hall house dating back to c. 1480 and have mistakenly not been identified as such in the village report done by the Midhurst consultants in 2012. This was originally built as one architecturally important house and is no doubt one of the oldest properties in the village.

    The proposed site is at a much higher level to these properties and therefore would directly severely violate their privacy.

    The Old Dairy is also a heritage village building being Victorian, and would also be severely compromised by any development on its site.

    Other buildings badly affected too would be Stone House and Golden Cross House.

    Building on this site would change the entire look and feel of the old core centre of the village.

    Access from The Street would be a problem for all the surrounding properties.


    • Thank you for your comments.
      Hopefully you managed to attend one of the evenings of the recent Public Consultation and completed a comment form provided to have your opinion officially logged.
      Impact to the Historical Environment from development (negative or positive) is just one aspect assessed for all of the possible sites, as is the environmental, social, economic and technical impact (i.e. pumping station, stayed electricity poles…).
      The Steering Group has already noted that historic buildings near to any site should be identified in the Neighbourhood Plan to be used as a design reference and influence for any development scheme to be in keeping with listed properties and to minimise impact.
      The Dairy is not a listed building though it has been mentioned as a building of townscape merit in the Plaistow Conservation Area Appraisal (2013).
      As stated during the Public Consultation, development on any of the possible sites will have some form of impact and that no one site is ideal.
      The site proposed to be taken forward into the Draft Neighbourhood Plan has not yet been made.
      But residents will still have opportunity for representation across a six week period when the Draft Plan is presented for review.


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