Community Land Trust

rural-housing-web-normalMany people from rural areas across Chichester District are finding it difficult to live in these locations because of a lack of affordable homes. The main reasons are high house prices combined with comparitively low wages which make it hard for people to stay in their village, even though they may have grown up there and have a strong local connection. Forming a Community Land Trust (CLT) could be the answer. The government is keen to help communities create their own solutions to the housing shortage and CLTs can play a key role in this. The scheme works by members of a community joining together to form a trust in order to build genuinely affordable homes for people with strong local connections.

Councillor Susan Taylor, Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning at Chichester District Council, says: “Community Land Trusts are about ordinary people joining together to develop and manage homes for the community. A CLT ensures that the homes being built will be genuinely affordable and based on what people actually earn in the area, not just for now but every future occupier. This is a really exciting opportunity for communities to take control and build a strong future for the next generation.”

Chichester District Council is offering support and advice to people interested in joining together to form a Community Land Trust. A CLT is a not-for-profit organisation and allows people to buy land or unused buildings in their area so they can create genuinely affordable homes for people with a strong local connection. A CLT is able to set its own terms and conditions, have a say in what sort of housing is provided and who can live there. The benefits include permanent local ownership, control and accountability at a very local level. Click here to find out more information


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