What is the Status on the Neighbourhood Plan?

THE SITE: Land opposite The Green, Common House Road, Plaistow has been proposed for housing development of 11 units in the Draft Neighbourhood Plan. Further investigations of a previously allocated site: Land Adjacent to The Dairy, identified that the impact of providing an access road could result in potential harm to significant trees. Technically access could be created but would have to be a low impact, no dig which is not deemed suitable to service a development of 11 houses requiring a road constructed to Highways adoption standards. The landowners advised an alternative access but the land over which they have private access rights (for field maintenance) is not in their ownership. Consequently, there were doubts over the deliverability and achievability of The Dairy site and it was discounted from the Draft Plan. The Steering Group completed a first round of assessment on the site (Land opposite the Green) and at a meeting on the 17 Jan 2017, the Parish Council made the decision to bring the reserve site forward into the Draft Plan. Further assessment of this site (including an Historic Environment Record search with Chichester District Council) identifies no problematic planning constraints and the Draft Plan was then submitted to CDC with a request for a new Screening Opinion.

SCREENING OPINION: The amended Draft Plan was submitted to CDC for a Screening Opinion on the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). An SEA ensures that any environmental aspects are fully considered in the Neighbourhood Plan. As part of the Screening Opinion, Natural England, Historic England, The Environment Agency and the South Downs National Park Authority are consulted. The District Council will then provide their determination if an SEA is required. However, it is thought an SEA will be a prudent step in this process and the Steering Group are seeking to engage a specialist consulting firm to conduct this work. Subsequently draft policies in the Neighbourhood Plan may be further amended. The Plan will then be available for Regulation 14 Public Consultation.

REGULATION 14 PUBLIC CONSULTATION: Representations on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan may be made during this Public Consultation which will run for six weeks from the date on which it first publicised and Parish residents, landowners and local businesses may comment on any aspect of the proposed Draft Neighbourhood Plan. After Regulation 14 Public Consultation closes, all comments will be formally assessed, carefully considered against evidence and the Neighbourhood Plan may again be revised. As yet there is no date scheduled for the Regulation 14 Public Consultation.