Screening Opinion from Historic England

HISTORIC ENGLAND have provided their response for a Screening Opinion on the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.


We note that Policy H1 allocating the site contains a criterion relating to the protection of the setting of the Conservation Area and nearby listed buildings, and that Policy EH1 of the revised Plan, whilst needing improvement, still seeks to afford protection to heritage assets in the Plan area. We again doubt that a SEA would suggest more in the way of mitigation.

…we note that the revised Plan includes an explanation of how the choice of the site now proposed was made… We therefore see no need for a formal SEA to undertake an assessment of alternative sites.

…given that the site lies within the setting of the Plaistow Conservation Area and at least one listed building, it might be considered prudent to undertake an SEA of the Plan.”

I confirm that this [CDC HER Search] is entirely satisfactory and that there therefore appears to be nothing in the HER that indicates that a SEA is necessary.

The Parish Council are waiting on a Screening Determination letter from Chichester District Council.

Reference: Response – Historic England (27 Mar 2017)

Reference: Response – CDC Historic Environment Record (HER) Search Update (07 Apr 2017)