Screening Opinion from South Downs National Park Authority

THE SOUTH DOWNS NATIONAL PARK AUTHORITY have provided their response for a Screening Opinion on the need for a Strategic Environmental Assessment on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan.


It is SDNPA’s view that the Plaistow / Ifold Neighbourhood Plan does not require a Strategic Environmental Assessment.

The scale of development covered by the plan (up to 11 units over the plan period excluding windfalls) is not likely to have a significant effect upon the environment;

The Neighbourhood Plan (NP) proposed housing development for Plaistow / Ifold is consistent with that allocated through the Chichester Local Plan (about 10 dwellings), which has already been subject to an SEA. It is not considered that a further SEA is required based upon the location identified for development.

I do not envisage any significant effects upon existing Natura 2000 designations that would trigger an SEA under Article 3(2)(b) of the SEA Directive;

…SDNPA does not consider that a Habitat Regulations Assessment is required for the NP…

 The Parish Council are waiting on a Screening Determination letter from Chichester District Council.

Reference: Response – South Downs National Park Authority (01 Apr 2017)