Neighbourhood Plan Update

22 August 2017: The draft Pre-Submission Plaistow & Ifold Parish – Neighbourhood Plan was screened by  Chichester District Council (CDC) and determined as requiring a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Consequently, the Parish Council approved an SEA to be conducted by an independent planning consultancy, AECOM, and funded by a grant received from Locality (a partner organisation of the Department for Communities and Local Government – DCLG).

An SEA is a mechanism for considering and communicating any likely significant effects of The Plan and reasonable alternatives in terms of key environmental issues. A Screening Report was prepared by AECOM and issued to the three statutory bodies (Natural England, Historic England and the Environment Agency) and also to CDC and the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA). They were invited to comment over a 5-week period as per regulations. AECOM then conducted the SEA based on the outcome of the screening responses, the consequence of which is the Environmental Report, available for viewing on the Parish Council website. AECOM noted that the one recommendation suggested is not a major one and does not need to be addressed now. They have advised the recommendation can be addressed following Regulation 14 consultation.

Therefore a motion is before Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council at an extraordinary meeting called for 29th August at 7.30pm in Winterton Hall, Plaistow to approve dates to proceed to a statutory Regulation 14 Public Consultation with the draft Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan. See: Parish Council Meeting Agenda and reports on the Parish Council website

The dates proposed are to start on Friday, 8th September at 9am and end on Friday, 20th October 2017 at 5pm. The Regulation 14 Consultation will run for a statutory period of 6-weeks.

Parishioners, landowners and business owners are welcome to provide comments during that statutory period using a formal comment form. Please note: anonymous representations are not considered.

What happens after Regulation 14? 

All comments are reviewed and determined whether further amendment is needed on The Plan or justification provided if it is considered that no change is required. That amended plan will then go before the Parish Council to ratify before being submitted to CDC as a Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan.

It is also intended to consult on a Village Design Statement (VDS) for the Parish during the same 6-week period. See that document in its current version on the Parish Council website. Please note: The Plan is not dependent on the VDS. The VDS is a design document, with guidelines to support policies in The Plan, and is not a formal consideration for planning.