Your Neighbourhood Plan Update

At a meeting of the full Parish Council on the 29 August 2017, the councillors approved dates to hold a statutory Regulation 14 Pre-Submission  Consultation of the draft Plaistow & Ifold Parish – Neighbourhood Plan.

Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council has prepared a Pre-Submission Neighbourhood Plan (The Plan), with community involvement, to coincide with Chichester Local Plan: Key Policies 2014-2029. The Plan sets out a vision for the future of the Parish and planning policies which, if passed at referendum, will be adopted by Chichester District Council and used to determine planning applications locally and sets policies and aims for the Parish. Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council is now inviting comments from parishioners, landowners and businesses of this Parish only, on the draft Pre-Submission version of ‘The Plan’ before it is submitted to Chichester District Council for formal consideration and wider consultation.

In accordance with  Town and Country Planning England, Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 – 14 Pre-Submission Consultation and Publicity – the Regulation 14 Pre-Submission Consultation will take place over a six-week period.

The Regulation 14 Public Consultation begins at 9am on Friday, 8th September 2017 and ends at 5pm on Friday, 20th October 2017.


DISPLAY: Parishioners are invited to attend a display on Saturday, 16th  September at Kelsey Hall, Chalk Road, Ifold RH14 0UD and / or on Sunday, 17th September in Winterton Hall, Loxwood Road, Plaistow RH14 0PX. Open from 11am to 3pm.

ONLINE: You will be able to view the Pre-Submission version of ‘The Plan’, supporting documents and download a Comment Form, on the Parish Council website:  Follow the link to the Neighbourhood Plan.

PRINTED COPIES: ‘The Plan’ will also be available to view in a printed form at various locations in the Parish. These will be advised as soon as the locations have been finalised and before the start of the Regulation 14 Consultation.

For anyone who may have difficulty accessing ‘The Plan’ via the methods mentioned above, please contact the Parish Clerk for assistance: Tel: 01483 200314 (Monday to Friday) or Email:


  • Please use the official Comment Form that will be available for download from the Parish Council website or from the locations mentioned above.
  • Your comments cannot be taken into account unless your name and address are included.
  • Please make separate representations for each individual, organisation or business.
  • Any comments must be received by the Parish Clerk no later than 5pm on Friday,  20th October 2017.
  • Email your completed comment form to the Parish Clerk:
  • Post your completed comment form to The Parish Clerk – Mrs B. Weddell, Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council, Lock House Lodge, Knightons Lane, Dunsfold, Surrey GU8 4NU

DATA PROTECTION: All comments will be held by the Parish Clerk and published online. All responses will be publicly available and identifiable by name and organisation (where applicable). Please note that any other personal information provided will be processed by Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council in line with the Data Protection Act 1998.