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  1. The continued reference to “the setting” and “listed Buildings” within Plaistow as being affected by development is both contradictory, given the recent developments of Multi Bedroom & Multi Million development given permission by Local government, plus in today’s design and build society there is no reason why smaller more affordable properties within the price range of younger people and downsizing older people could not be built aesthetically pleasing to the environment. Perhaps a nice row of terraced houses in the style of existing local “Listed Buildings”. Not rocket science!!
    Historically properties of ‘less worth’ than the so called ‘listed buildings’ have been given no consideration to the visual effect on this village by the council. Consequently they are now being hidden from site by local “listed Building” residents using questionable and unacceptable means and without any intervention by the Council.
    This is the 21st Century in case you are interested? We need to do our bit for the young and old people of the village, not just the privileged few. who are happy to refer to hard working residents as “Poor People”. Integration is a foremost consideration anywhere in the world along with a good social and service network which again has been totally neglected in this village.
    Residents are happy to sell off pieces of their land, for housing development, in order to finance their whims but not so happy to involve themselves in the importance of building a village community and perhaps its time for them to move to the South Coast and let village life begin again but this time in the 21st century not the 19th century.

  2. Thank you for your comments.
    The Plan as drafted has been developed to meet the identified Parish housing need of small 1-2-3 small bedroom houses with an affordable element (30%) of the Parish indicative housing number (as per the Local Plan).
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