Plan Updates

Over the past month, NP Steering Group members (Christine Pierce, Sara Burrell – former Parish Council Chairman, and Bill Townsend) have been amending three Environment and Heritage policies in the draft Neighbourhood Plan for Plaistow and Ifold Parish. The Chichester District Council Neighbourhood Planning Officer requested that the three policies be amended to reflect the recommendations from Natural England, arising from the Habitat Regulations Assessment, and prior to moving The Plan to Regulation 16 (a further six-week public consultation). The HRA recommendations bolster existing Policies EH2, EH3 and EH5. These changes have now been ratified by the Parish Council.

So that the Parish Council can again resubmit The Plan under Regulation 15 to Chichester District Council and move it on to Regulation 16, it is also required that we again amend the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) – completed by AECOM (a Locality appointed planning organisation); and also the Basic Conditions, and the Consultation Statements. Please note: the amended documents will soon be updated to this website.

Also under consideration is the selection of an NPIERS Examiner for examination of the draft Plan post Regulation 16.