Neighbourhood Plan reaches Reg15

The Parish Council has submitted the Plaistow and Ifold Parish – Neighbourhood Plan (final version 17 Sep 2019), as part of Regulation 15, to Chichester District Council (CDC), the lead planning authority. For any questions please contact the Parish Clerk:  Subject: P&IP – Neighbourhood Plan.

The next Phase will be managed by Chichester District Council, who will move The Plan to Regulation 16 – another six-week Public Consultation. The timeframe and schedule for the Reg16 consultation is yet to be announced by CDC.

The Parish Council has also been involved in selection of an Examiner for the Examination phase of The Plan which occurs after the Regulation 16 six-week consultation. Several NPIERS accredited Examiners have been approached, with one Examiner having indicated their availability. Chichester District Council will establish a contract for the examination of The Plan.

Find details on the Regulation 15 submission (final version: 17 Sep 2019; submitted to CDC 06 Jan 2019) here.