Steering Group

Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council has funding and technical support from My Community and Locality who deliver programmes of grants on behalf of the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG in collaboration with their partners.


  • Volunteer Residents: Christine Pierce (Steering Group Co-ordinator), William ‘Bill’ Townsend, and Sara Burrell (MRICS, Dip. Man. Building Conservation, and former Parish Council Chairman).
  • Plaistow & Ifold Parish Councillors: Dr David Ribbens, Phil Colmer (Chair of Finance Committee).
  • Consultants: Colin Smith Planning: Colin Smith (MRTPI) and Maggie Williams (Principal Planner).

The Steering Group, with guidance from Planning and other Consultants engaged in this process, accumulate and assess evidence with reference to National and Local Planning Policy and present facts and findings to the full Parish Council for their consideration, decision-making and ratification during each stage.

All Parish residents may make representations during Public Consultations and may vote in a future referendum (if registered on the electoral roll) on the Neighbourhood Plan.


  • Parish Councillors: Sallie Baker (former Parish Council Vice Chairman), Vivien Forwood (former Parish Councillor), Sophie Capsey, Stuart East (former Parish Council Chairman and Parish Councillor), John Kirby (former Parish Council Chairman and Parish Councillor), Francoise Lillywhite (former Parish Councillor), David Lugton (Tree Officer and former Parish Councillor), and Veronica Perrin (former Parish Councillor).
  • Ifold Estates Limited: Malcolm Frost (former Director).
  • Plaistow Village Trust: Suzanne Hounslow, and Richard Wyatt.
  • Volunteer Residents: Denise Knightley (former District Councillor, Plaistow Ward), Gregory Osborne, and Dr Fiona Moss.

Thank you to these Parish Residents for their assistance at various times in this process: Gordon Baker, Geoff Burrell, Margaret Hibbard, and Sean Barriskill.

Maps: Some maps have been reproduced with the kind permission of The Francis Frith Collection and are subject to copyright.

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