Site Discounted: P5 – Bush House (formerly known as Clements) -&- P6 – Land between Bush House and Oaklands Lodge

Site Discounted: Bush House (formerly known as Clements Vegetarian Restaurant and prior to that a Public House), Rickmans Lane, Plaistow RH14 0NT

The site proposed was discounted through the Methodology and Assessment.

This site was assessed using Chichester District Council’s SHLAA criteria. Development would need a careful design scheme to protect the character and appearance of the rural location. It could possibly come forward but with a maximum capacity of 6 dwellings in order to mitigate potential harm and impact on the rural countryside. Facilities and services in the village centre are within walking distance in a 30MPH speed zone. The site was considered too small to meet the current Parish allocation of about 10 units and consequently discounted.