Site Discounted: P3 – Todhurst, Plaistow

Site Discounted:

The site proposed was discounted through the Methodology and Assessment.

A Site Options and Assessment (Aug 2016) by AECOM (an expert planning consultancy delivering technical support awarded to the Parish by Locality, a programme partner of the Department of Communities and Local Government – DCLG) noted that the evidence suggested the best performing of all the identified sites, as ‘Land Adjacent to Todhurst’, which was initially proposed to take 6 units of the Parish housing allocation. However, subsequent to AECOM’s assessment, more information came to light that consequently caused the site to be discounted. Chichester District Council informed the Parish in a Housing Needs report and cover letter (17 Aug 2016) of the LPA’s housing policy position on affordable housing quotas. The District also outlined the many development constraints of the site as advised to them by The Hyde Group (housing association) who own part of the land needed for access. It was established, through consultation, that the development of this site would be unpopular with the adjoining residents due to concerns over loss of privacy, additional vehicular traffic and loss of amenity/woodland to rear of the existing homes 23 of which are under the management of the Hyde Group. They later confirmed they did not wish to develop the site as it was is their opinion the technical constraints made it unviable: the location of a sewage pumping station and electricity cabinet both inhibit the preferred entry point into the site; and remaining electricity transformer poles and sewer alignments would also require relocation for development to occur. Moreover, the water resources utility, Southern Water, informed that they require unrestricted access to the pumping station for a 9 metre vehicle, incurring further restrictions. It was also recognised that parking and traffic issues in the adjacent Nell Ball housing area would be exacerbated by additional housing. This site was therefore discounted.


  • CDC Site Allocations DPD SHLAA PL1204 – Land north of Todhurst, Plaistow: “Assessed and discounted. The development of the site would have an impact on the Conservation area and listed buildings (Black [Back] Lane Cottage and Old Red Hatch).”
  • SHLAA: Land adjacent to Todhurst, The Street, Plaistow
  • AECOM Habitat Regulation Assessment (2016) on behalf of CDC – SHLAA PL1204 (page 47): “Disturbance of bat flight lines through development within the north of the Local Plan area“; “The site does have the potential to impact upon Barbastelle and Bechstein flight lines due to the close proximity to the SAC. The site is surrounded by Waphurst [Wephurst] wood to the south of the site with a waterbody situated between the site and the woodland. It is recommended that bat surveys are conducted at this site to determine the use of the site for bat species and mitigation for lighting requirements are implemented. The preservation of features of relevance to commuting bats (along with a suitable buffer) should be possible without significant deliverability implications for the site.