Site Discounted: D1 – Shortlands, Durfold Wood

Site Discounted:

The site proposed was discounted through the Methodology and Assessment.

The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group did not consider the hamlet of Durfold Wood for sites in July 2014 as it has no services or facilities and is remote from those located elsewhere in the Parish. It is also located in the countryside. However, the Shortlands, Shortlands Copse, Durfold Wood site was brought forward for consideration by the landowner, in November 2015.

The site was assessed by the Steering Group using CDC SHLAA criteria, evaluated and discounted. It was also part of a Site Options and Assessment (Aug 2016) conducted by AECOM (an expert planning consultancy delivering technical support awarded to the Parish by Locality, a programme partner of the Department of Communities and Local Government – DCLG.

The report notes that ‘Defra Magic mapping (also noted by the Chichester SHLAA [PL1503 Land at Shortlands Copse]) confirms that the site itself (except for the house and some of the garden) is Ancient Woodland, as this is the most important factor rendering it unsuitable for housing development, irrespective of other planning considerations. Therefore agree it should not be allocated.’

‘The approach to sustainable development in the English planning system as set out in the NPPF and reiterated in both Chichester’s adopted Local Plan and in the Little Springfield Farm Appeal decision means that Plaistow is effectively the only settlement in the Parish that could be considered suitable for new housing development. Any other approach would likely be contrary to two of the Basic Conditions of neighbourhood planning.

It is for these reasons Shortlands was discounted.