Discounted: LGSD1 – Land at Durfold Wood entrance

LGSD1 [reviewed and discounted] – Land at Durfold Wood left of the private entrance road – Dunsfold Road, Durfold Wood, Plaistow. From the fence-line of Holmewood to the road edge and down to the sewage pumping station. This Local Green Space provides a setting to the entrance of the rural settlement of Durfold Wood. It reflects the countryside location and contributes to the woodland character of Durfold Wood. A Royal Mail Post Box and a Parish Council Noticeboard are sited at the entrance to the access road alongside, as is a residents community noticeboard. This land also enables an “unsurfaced green footpath” for residents to safely walk up to these services off the road. This land is part of and adjoins Ancient and Semi-Natural Woodland (Shortlands Copse) which is inextricably linked to Chiddingfold Forest (SSSI). Therefore Local Green Space designation is valuable to further protect this area, offering a buffer between development and Ancient Woodland as per the National Ancient Woodland and Veteran Tree Standing Advice – Forestry Commission (07 Apr 2014) and enhancing the sylvan characteristic of the settlement.

LOCAL GREEN SPACE ASSESSMENT: LGSD1 – Land at Durfold Wood, left of entrance access road.



PHOTOS: All photos are courtesy of Mr. Phil Colmer unless stated otherwise.

Aerial Photo – Durfold Wood

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