Discounted: LGSi8 – Corner Copse, Ifold

LGSi8 [reviewed and discounted]: Corner Copse, Foxbridge Lane, Ifold. Ancient and semi-natural woodland. The copse contains a rich and typical species mix showing a history of traditional hazel coppice with oak standards. Despite its small size Corner Copse is an intrinsic part of the local landscape and is particularly beautiful in spring with bluebell drifts. Corner Copse links with other Wealden woodland habitats through the local hedgerow and woodland network. The site provides a recreational area for many local residents (who walk their dogs) and fulfils the NPPF Social Role supporting the community’s health and well-being as well as supporting the environmental role of contributing to protecting and enhancing our natural environment. The management of Woodland Trust woods is based on charitable purposes, and is focused on improving woodland biodiversity and increasing peoples’ understanding and enjoyment of woodland. This woodland is noted on a 1910 map of Ifold and links back to a larger area of ancient woodland called South Wood, which then adjoined the manor, Ifold House.

LOCAL GREEN SPACE ASSESSMENT: LGSi8 – Corner Copse, Foxbridge Lane, Ifold



PHOTOS: All photos are courtesy of Mr. Phil Colmer unless stated otherwise.