LGSi9 – Landmark Oak Tree, Ifold

LGSi9 – This is an historic landmark for the Ifold settlement. A lone veteran oak tree (Quercus robur) at the main entrance to Ifold Estate – on the junction of The Drive with Plaistow Road. The Lodge (a building of historic merit – a former estate worker’s house to the manor Ifold House) is opposite. The tree, one of the remaining members of the ancient forest known as South Wood, has a gnarled appearance at its base and a very wide trunk with a girth of approximately over 3 metres, which using the Woodland Trust ‘How to estimate the age of an oak’, places its age at around 138-181 years [between George IV – 1825 to Victoria – 1868]. The tree was one of a pair but recent redevelopment which saw the local shop closed to be converted into a terrace of 3 houses, saw its partner tree felled, much to the dismay and consternation of local residents. Although its present condition could not be described as ‘specimen’ it is however of great importance to the people of the Parish. It is a landmark for residents and visitors, announcing the Ifold hamlet and is in replace of a typical ornamental village sign.

ASSESSMENT: LGSi9 – Landmark Oak Tree, Ifold.



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