Discounted: LGSP4 – Local Green Space behind Todhurst

LGSP4 [reviewed and discounted] – Land behind Todhurst, The Street, Plaistow. Naturalized rough woodland, rough grass and scrubland, formerly an agricultural field. It adjoins the Plaistow Conservation Area and is adjacent to Todhurst (Grade II) and other Grade II listed houses located on Back Lane. The area if in private ownership but it has become an informal green space used by residents and the Steering Group was advised that Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School sometimes conduct nature classes on the site. The area is environmentally sensitive with a pond near to the boundary and adjacent to Ancient Woodland (Nell Ball Copse and Berry Field Copse).

ASSESSMENT: LGSP4 – Land behind Todhurst, The Street, Plaistow.


  • AECOM Habitat Regulation Assessment (2016) on behalf of CDC – SHLAA PL1204 (page 47): “Disturbance of bat flight lines through development within the north of the Local Plan area“; “The site does have the potential to impact upon Barbastelle and Bechstein flight lines due to the close proximity to the SAC. The site is surrounded by Waphurst [Wephurst] wood to the south of the site with a waterbody situated between the site and the woodland. It is recommended that bat surveys are conducted at this site to determine the use of the site for bat species and mitigation for lighting requirements are implemented. The preservation of features of relevance to commuting bats (along with a suitable buffer) should be possible without significant deliverability implications for the site.


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Aerial of Land behind Todhurst 1:1000