LGSP7 – Multi-Use, Outdoor, Games Area, Plaistow

LGSP7 – Multi-Use Games Area, Winterton Hall, Loxwood Road, Plaistow.

This is an outdoor, flood-lit games area at the rear of Winterton Hall with a hard court surface and fencing surround. Used for tennis, netball, 5-a-side football and other games. Used and maintained by the Plaistow Youth Club, the area may also be hired through Plaistow Stores, alongside. 11 October 1994, Plaistow Youth Club trustees gained permission for the play area, 1.2 metres to the rear of Winterton Hall. In 1995 the Club trustees were still at the stage of raising funds for the project. They eventually obtained a grant from the English Sports Council – Lottery Sports Fund. The Parish Council at that time “Wish to offer their total support for this application by the Trustees of Plaistow Youth Club. The Youth Club is particularly well subscribed and a lot of hard work is put into the running of the club by local volunteers. The Parish Council are anxious to support in whatever way they can activities for the youth of the village; so many rural areas have no facilities at all.”. This games area provides a valued, safe, outdoor recreational facility for use by Youth Club members and Parish residents.

ASSESSMENT: LGSP7 – Multi-Use Outdoor Games Area



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