LGSP8 – Plaistow Preschool Playground and Garden

LGSP8 – An outdoor, fenced playground with garden, dedicated for the use of Plaistow Pre-School and adjoined to Winterton Hall. Established in 1966, Plaistow Pre-School is a community-based, voluntary, non-profit making charity and offering Sessional Day Care; operating from Winterton Hall Monday to Friday, and offering affordable care and education for 2 to 5 year olds. The site proposed is solely for the use of Plaistow Pre-School, who lease the land. The Pre-School is owned and run by the parents/carers of the children attending, many of whom also form the Committee. The Pre-School values having the outdoor resource to make the most of learning outdoors. The Committee ensures the garden is maintained regularly and every Spring the children enjoy seeing the fruits of their gardening labour. The Pre-School is nearby to Plaistow and Kirdford Primary School.  Many children who progress to the Primary School are collected from morning sessions for the afternoon in the Pre-School. This site is integral to young families in the Parish and meets the NPPF Social role of sustainable development.

ASSESSMENT: LGSP8 – Plaistow Preschool Playground and Garden



PHOTOS: All photos are courtesy of Mr. Phil Colmer unless stated otherwise.