LGSS1 – Shillinglee Junction

LGSS1 – Shillinglee Junction: The intersection of Shillinglee Road with Plaistow Road (which joins Fisher Lane) forming a triangle traffic island. This land is within the South Downs National Park. Hundreds of years of horses, carts, carriages and then cars turning left and right have created these mini oases at country junctions. Largely untouched, they can provide a haven for wild flowers and insects. The original elm trees died from Dutch elm disease but local residents have since planted new trees on the site. Local Green Space designation is proposed to preserve the setting and special character of this part of the Parish that lies within the South Downs National Park and alongside listed buildings of historic importance to the Parish.

ASSESSMENT: Shillinglee Junction



PHOTOS: All photos are courtesy of Mr. Phil Colmer, unless stated otherwise.



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