Discounted: LGSS2 – Shillinglee Lakes entrance

LGSS2 [reviewed and discounted – Entrance to Shillinglee Lakes. This is a wide verge entrance to Shillinglee Lakes Fishery. The area extends as a rectangle of land from the lake to a small paddock (but not included) near the Shillinglee road junction. This area has historically been planted as a boulevard of trees parallel to highway alongside. Veteran cypress fir trees were destroyed in the great storm of 16 October 1987. The then landowner planted replacement trees to compensate for that loss. Local Green Space designation is proposed to preserve the setting for the entrance to Shillinglee and the tranquil and scenic character of this part of the Parish that lies within the South Downs National Park. Designation of this site is in line with a Standing Notice where the Secretary of State in a planning case supported arguments for a 15m buffer around Ancient Woodland to development [National Ancient Woodland and Veteran Tree Standing Advice (April 2014) which states ‘Development must be kept as far as possible from ancient woodland, with a buffer area maintained between the ancient woodland and any development boundary.’] Though this area is maintained as mown lawn and is not semi-natural habitat, it does shield the adjoining Ancient Woodland. This proposed designation also provides green space next to the lakes, further enhancing the natural beauty of the area.

ASSESSMENT: Shillinglee Lakes entrance


Standing Advice for Ancient Woodlands and Veteran Trees (Reference: StAdv/AWVT/NE/Apr2014) – 14 Apr 2014: National Ancient Woodland and Veteran Tree Standing Advice covering England issued by Natural England and the Forestry Commission in April 2014 (replacing the previous version issued by Natural England for the south east of England).


PHOTOS: All photos are courtesy of Mr. Phil Colmer, unless stated otherwise.


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