2nd Sieve Sites

Note1: A site within the Ifold Settlement Boundary (formerly known as SPA) for 10 units is not available, it would require the amalgamation of several existing dwellings to create a site large enough. The existing value of these units may impact on viability. Therefore sites outside the Settlement Boundary were considered.

Note2: In December 2015, the landowner of the Site: Shortlands (Shortland Copse, Durfold Wood), presented his site to the Steering Group for consideration in the Parish Neighbourhood Plan Household Survey and Housing Needs Assessment (2016) and Public Consultations (31 January and 7 February 2016).

Note3: On the eve of the Public Consultations (31 January and 7 February 2016) the new landowner of the Site: Land Proposed at Foxbridge Golf Course, also presented his site for consideration. As the survey and public consultation presentations had been finalised a separate display was prepared for Parishioners to view and they were invited to comment via post-it notes. Both sites were appraised using Chichester District Council’s SHLAA assessment and then evaluated by the Steering Group along with the other sites brought forward into the Second Sieve.