Buildings – Unlisted Historic of Positive Merit


Alpine Cottage (now known as Butlers) Hogwood Road, Ifold RH14 0UG Property located on the North side of Hogwood Road, adjacent to commercial garage premises (Ifold Motors – now closed). This is one of the older properties in Ifold, dating to the turn of the century. This is said to be the former house of the butler to the manor, Ifold House (demolished in 1936). This is one and a half story property with eaves level dormers on the South elevation. To the East side is a vehicular access which is gated to rear of original front cottage a single storey L shaped addition which appears to be 1950s / 1960s in origin. In 1983 a two-storey extension was added to provide an additional bedroom and living room. In 2002 a timber-faced conservatory with brick plinth was added to the rear of the property.
The Dairy The Street, Plaistow Plaistow Conservation Area Appraisal (2013)
Edmund’s Hill Cottage The Street, Plaistow Plaistow Conservation Area Appraisal (2013)
Hogwood House Hogwood Road, Ifold Former house of an estate worker to the manor, Ifold House (Ifold House was demolished in 1936).
Ifold Cottage Loxwood Road, Ifold Former house of an estate worker to the manor, Ifold House (demolished in 1936).
The Lodge The Drive, Ifold Former house of an estate worker to the manor, Ifold House (demolished in 1936).
Moores Green Cottage Crouchland Farm, Rickman’s Lane, Plaistow Moores Green Cottage appears as Hoares Cottage on an 1847 Tithe map.
The Olde Garden The Lane, Ifold The potting shed of the former manor: Ifold House (demolished in 1936) converted to a residential unit.
The Olde Garden – former walled garden of the manor Ifold House The Lane, Ifold Remaining walled garden of the manor house, Ifold House (demolished in 1936).
Rose Cottage Weald Barkfold Farm, Dunsfold Road, Plaistow Converted from an outbuilding (loose boxes / stables of listed Weald Barkfold Farm therefore listed by association) to a residential dwelling with extension in 2003 (Ref: CDC 03/01135/FUL). The building is of architectural and historic interest.
Trelayne Chalk Road, ifold Former house of an estate worker to the manor, Ifold House (demolished in 1936).
Southland Cottage Ifold Bridge Lane, Ifold A building on the site of Southlands Cottage and in more or less the right orientation, known as Wharf House, is shown on the 1842 Alfold Tithe map to the North-West of what appears t be a large farm holding called Southlands Farm. Given the name and location of this building in relation to the canal, it is a possibility that the building dates from the same period as the canal, c.1816 and that the building functioned as a wharf house for it. Alternatively, box framing on the elevations may suggest an earlier date.
London’s Lost Route to the Sea by P.A.L. Vibe also identified a lock called Southland to the South of the cottage and in the general vicinity of the farm. According to the tithe apportionment, the field in which this structure and the lock stands belonged to the nearby Southlands Farm, which was demolished sometime before 1875 as it is noticeably absent from the First Edition OS maps. It was at this time that the name i transferred to the building now known as Southlands Cottage. If this building is in fact associated with the canal, its survival, although much altered, is particularly interesting. Internally the building also retains many historic elements, including the stairs and exposed timber roof framing. At the very least, it would be considered as a Heritage Asset under the terms of the NPPF.