Village Design Statement

The Parish Council has consulted on a Draft Plaistow & Ifold Parish Village Design Statement (VDS) (8 Sep – 20 Oct 2017). Parish residents, landowners and local businesses were  invited to give their views. All representations will now be reviewed and appropriate amendments made to the VDS.

The draft VDS contains supporting guidelines to the Plaistow & Ifold Parish – Neighbourhood Plan. The VDS has been prepared by Plaistow & Ifold Parish Council, with assistance from local residents and through consultation, so that local knowledge, ideas and views contribute in a positive way to the future of the Parish settlements.

The VDS describes the Parish as it is now in 2017 and the characteristics valued by those who live and work here. The aim of the VDS is to enhance the quality of the environment for the Parish by guiding future development and change to buildings, spaces and views based on a considered understanding of the Parish past and present. The Parish has seen progressive change, large and small, over the years and this will continue with further development, alteration to homes, gardens, open spaces, trees and hedges, which will inevitably change the appearance and feel of the place.

The VDS seeks to provide guidance to ensure that the best aspects of the Parish and its built environment are recognised, retained and enhanced, where appropriate, in future development. The four settlements in the Parish, Ifold, Durfold Wood, Shillinglee and Plaistow vary enormously in age, character, development and style. Therefore the settlements are considered individually. For ease of reference, some guidance is repeated in each settlement section.

The VDS is directed to: statutory bodies and public authorities; planners, developers, designers and architects, builders and engineers; local community groups; householders and businesses.

  • Draft VDS (Aug 2017) for online viewing – click the hyperlinks throughout to display photographs, maps and to link to referenced documents.

For any questions please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Beverley Weddell, E: